Hello. I’m Kaneda, in 2000 some fellow university students gave me this nickname for my similarity (at the time) with the protagonist of Akira anime and since then I have used it everywhere. Maybe we’ve already “seen” about IRC, some forum or more recently about Mastodon.

I’ve always been interested in the GNU/Linux world and opensource since Slackware 1.2.3, my first distro and in a remote past I was part of the OpenOffice QA team… No, it’s not a mistake, the fork came later :)

These pages are the result of my continuous training, the project for the first half of 2024 is to master Hugo’s ustilizzo as I perceive his goodness but I do not yet know his limitations.

In the blog I will talk freely about various topics, from programming to books, from my activity in ISF to that with ILS Este, I would also like to open a podcast on the history of computer science and its semi-unknown heroes, are stories that are worth telling!

See you in the fediverse! Kaneda