My Cloud

Why take a cloud at home? First of all because it’s difficult, and in difficulties the skills grow. Secondly, for a matter of respect for your data, I don’t want to put copies of my personal documents on someone else’s computer… Yes because the cloud is exactly others computer on which we have no decision-making power. This means that those who offer us the service can also leverage it, or decide for some reason that we are no longer welcome guests (though paying), although this is an extreme case it is easier to see remodeling the service that maybe from one day to another offers less storage.

Open Source

My approach to free software If you are on this site I imagine you know the concepts of free software, if you do not know them you are wondering… But free of what? Free from any constraints, a program with closed source cannot be modified, copied or simply studied. The principles of open source instead guarantee four fundamental freedoms: The site says: Freedom to run the program as you wish, for any purpose (freedom 0).


Hello. I’m Kaneda, in 2000 some fellow university students gave me this nickname for my similarity (at the time) with the protagonist of Akira anime and since then I have used it everywhere. Maybe we’ve already “seen” about IRC, some forum or more recently about Mastodon. I’ve always been interested in the GNU/Linux world and opensource since Slackware 1.2.3, my first distro and in a remote past I was part of the OpenOffice QA team… No, it’s not a mistake, the fork came later :)