Why take a cloud at home?

First of all because it’s difficult, and in difficulties the skills grow.
Secondly, for a matter of respect for your data, I don’t want to put copies of my personal documents on someone else’s computer… Yes because the cloud is exactly others computer on which we have no decision-making power.
This means that those who offer us the service can also leverage it, or decide for some reason that we are no longer welcome guests (though paying), although this is an extreme case it is easier to see remodeling the service that maybe from one day to another offers less storage.

What did I use?

At the moment the prototype turns on a “old” Raspberry V3 a small board with attached a pendrive for the file storage, it works with the Raspbian operating system and some tools to facilitate the administration, I like Webmin

  • The website management (this) is delegated to Apache2+PHP+mySQL, the classic LAMP stack in short,
  • Caendar, contacts and files are managed by NextCloud,
  • Backup of mobile phone pictures with NextCloud.

Nextcloud is compatible with all mobile phones but on iOS I can’t sync calendars and contacts because I don’t have a trusted SSL certificate (the self signed is not valid), on an old MI8 equipped with /e/ instead it works perfectly.

Am I satisfied with this setup?

Right now you are in the features and no regarding performance, of course Raspberry do what it can, it’s a pretty dated hardware that however is demonstrating reliable, at least to experiment.

Slowly I am abandoning iOS and macOS in favor of Zorin and /e/ and personal cloud is a logical consequence, I give time until June 2024 to complete the switch.